Treat = Blessing

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Everything I am is a treat

Everything I have the opportunity to become is a treat

Everyone I have in my life is a treat

Everyone I meet is a treat

Every breath I take is a treat

Every hug I give is a treat

Every hug I receive is a treat

Each day I work is a treat

Each day I walk is a treat

Each day I breathe is a treat

Each day I pray is a treat

All moments of silence are a treat

My solitude is a treat

Nature is a treat

Life is a treat

Love is a treat

Family is a treat

Laughter is a treat

Education is a treat

Knowledge is a treat

Learning is a treat

Growing is a treat

Blossoming is the greatest treat of all

A Place to Call Home is the Treat we ALL deserve. Please help our Homeless to their fair share of TREATS. Why do you or I deserve more? Why?? Treats = Blessings. Imagine*










The Power Resides in YOU*

via Daily Prompt: Miraculous

Curtis is Miraculous, he personifies the true essence of this word unless of course you believe in miracles happening all by themself. I believe we create our miracles.

I am working on feeding Curtis’s page with all his wonderous words from his own personal interview he did for us and I hope that when you get to know him you will agree with me. I have been blessed with 2 long morning walks with him this week. As soon as I get to his spot on my way to school, he now picks up and walks with me about 30 blocks. Miraculous, yes, for Curtis took miraculous steps to the path he  composed today. As Curtis will tell you himself, if he didn’t alter his journey, he would likely be gone or locked up for a very long time and then his future would be grim. What is miraculous is how this path diverged for Curtis. About a year ago, when he was still drinking and drugging and living on cardboard at a NYC Pier, he was smoking weed one day and he was so far gone that he didn’t even realize that a policeman was right in his face. What is miraculous is what this kind and generous soul did. Instead of slamming him to the ground for example or beating him up and/or locking him up, he asked Curtis if he was o.k. and suggested that he get help and he took Curtis directly to a hospital and Curtis has been clean and sober since that day. Miracles are waiting. I hope you architect your own ‘Miraculous‘ today.


Penny for Your Thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Compass

I only read two extremes on the homeless compass this morning, while riding on the subway from Grand Central to 14th Street. I’m not going to pretend that when I stepped on the train, the stench did not attempt to blow my compass right off, but having my feelings regarding homeless in check, it wasn’t possible. There was a man flat-out, taking up about 5 or 6 seats and not having any way to know how long he was there, and how long he has been out there on his own without a home, a foul-smelling odor gained a pervasive entrance into the subway car. On one side of this extreme was the notable man or woman expressing their dis-gust openly and then spending the rest of the ride covering their nose like they were going to check-out if they allowed themselves to breath. If I could read these people’s minds, I think it would be safe to assume that he or she was deeply offended by this homeless man’s presence on their train and that how he got there, what he was experiencing, what would become of him didn’t enter even the farthest corners of their sanctimonious minds. Is that too harsh? Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. Maybe they just couldn’t bear the smell. The flip side of the compass was the 2 men who sat directly across and next to this man. I wanted to applaud, rise up and shout, these are our heroes, these are our hope. The compass in constant flutter while our homeless man was consumed with covering his face with his hoodie and hat with what one could only perceive as shame and shame for what? Why are you better than him? What if it were you or your brother, son, father, grandfather, uncle, friend? Imagine if you knew his name? His story? His dreams…? Is your compass fixed or flexible? Just asking…penny for your thoughts.


I told you about Curtis in my last blog. We’ve had more opportunities to talk the last 3 mornings. I gave him a voice recorder today for him to tell us all about himself and he might even interview others in the shelter he lives in. I hope you will come back next week to hear Curtis’s story – he..we..all are counting on you. Thanks*

O.k. folks, I don’t know why absolutely no one is liking this site, no one, not one single like. What’s going on? I am here to tell you about Curtis and no worries, we can wait…Curtis gave me back the voice recorder this morning. As I listen to his voice, I will share his thoughts with you. What do you think Curtis looks like? How old do you think he is? 

Curtis: Good morning, how you doing? This is Curtis Wallace and I’m doing my interview. Pretty soon, I’ll be helping homeless people with food, clothes and stuff. By January, things will be up. Right now it’s cold outside, it December the 13th 2017 – Bless*

It’s 8’oclock now, I’m at the train station, I came from downtown from my friend, gotta go to the shelter, get some food, that about it.

I’m on the train station, took my medication, going back home, that’ll be it for now, till later on – Peace*

This is Curtis Wallace, I’m on my way back home to my shelter, get some food, you know, today is a very cold day, it feel like 21 degrees out here and it snow outside, you know, I’m going to try to live life the best I can. you know, I love everybody, I love me, god bless everybody, I hope this will be a good Christmas. It feels o.k., you know what I’m saying, it feels better than last year, last year I was on the streets, this year I’ve got my own place, clothes. I don’t drink no more, I don’t get high no more, I feel good about myself. 2 years ago I was on the street, sleeping on cardboard Yo, on a Pier…

More to come*



The Theory of the Elite

via Daily Prompt: Theory

Look the other way

Don’t turn back


pretend it is not there

It doesn’t matter anyway


Where would you like to dine tonight dear?

Shall we go someplace new?


Oh dear, would you look at that?

disgusting, shameful, horrid

Where do they come from?

Who knows – Who cares

Just another ‘bum

Did you decide where we should dine tonight yet?














I have some more photos for you. I wish I didn’t. Every day, we have another homeless person on the street.

WP_20171206_07_41_01_Pro[1]WP_20171206_07_42_32_Pro[1].jpgI’d like to talk to you about my experience this morning. The most beautiful part to share is it wasn’t ‘my’ experience alone, it was deeply shared by others. So far on my cite and blog, I’ve only been talking about homeless on the streets. Let’s think today about the homeless in our shelters as well. Allow me to introduce you to Curtis.

Curtis will be telling you all about himself soon. I’ll leave that to him. As you know, I walk a ways to teach daily. Every morning on my way, I visit with Curtis. Curtis lives in a shelter in Brooklyn. I don’t know how or why he chose the particular spot that he did to sit or stand at every morning, it works for him – for now. Remember my premise that if we get to know our homeless, we will feel driven to help. Curtis has achieved that foundation all on his own. When I stop to see how he is, almost always some one else says good morning, god bless to Curtis as well or gives him change, dollar… This morning, I think Curtis may have been kind of waiting for me. He was so cold – shivering – and lacking his usual surreal smile. We decided it would be best for him to go back to the shelter today because it is so cold and he hasn’t been feeling well lately. We began walking together, he was heading to the 59th street Subway or bus and a man stopped to see Curtis because he was so happy to see him because he had been holding onto a pack of cigarettes for him for he said: a year. Can you imagine that? What a sensational and thoughtful act of kindness. He said he had promised them to Curtis* As we were saying goodbye, a woman said: excuse me sir and gave him some money and then she turned to me and praised me for stopping to talk to him each morning and I hugged her. All I could think was the power behind each of these movements; the voice, the strength, the passion*