Welcome to you !

Here is your first step in a sharing world of informations which could allowed anybody to become a best version of himself ⚡

How does it work ?

Every week I will choose a subject and write an article about this specific topic Once online, the main objective is that you add :

Your own perspective by making comments

Sharing your own experience about this topic

Give me one topic that you would like to deal about

What is the purpose ? Why this blog ? 🧐

Few years ago I was looking to get some knowledge about differents ideas, events, subjects.

Without being able to find a blog gathering all these informations and offering benefits to people by sharing their experiences, adding interesting point of views.

Who am I ? 🙎‍♂️

A 27 years old men who truly believe that everyone should try his best day by day to become a honorabal version of himself, in all the aspects. Mindset – Sport – Emotional experience – Belief – Adventures – Travel – Friends and Family – Finance and more…


Getting better is the wish of anyone, but what is separating you of your wish is your actions !

“You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you” Glad to be one of these five 🤝

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