I told you about Curtis in my last blog. We’ve had more opportunities to talk the last 3 mornings. I gave him a voice recorder today for him to tell us all about himself and he might even interview others in the shelter he lives in. I hope you will come back next week to hear Curtis’s story – he..we..all are counting on you. Thanks*

O.k. folks, I don’t know why absolutely no one is liking this site, no one, not one single like. What’s going on? I am here to tell you about Curtis and no worries, we can wait…Curtis gave me back the voice recorder this morning. As I listen to his voice, I will share his thoughts with you. What do you think Curtis looks like? How old do you think he is? 

Curtis: Good morning, how you doing? This is Curtis Wallace and I’m doing my interview. Pretty soon, I’ll be helping homeless people with food, clothes and stuff. By January, things will be up. Right now it’s cold outside, it December the 13th 2017 – Bless*

It’s 8’oclock now, I’m at the train station, I came from downtown from my friend, gotta go to the shelter, get some food, that about it.

I’m on the train station, took my medication, going back home, that’ll be it for now, till later on – Peace*

This is Curtis Wallace, I’m on my way back home to my shelter, get some food, you know, today is a very cold day, it feel like 21 degrees out here and it snow outside, you know, I’m going to try to live life the best I can. you know, I love everybody, I love me, god bless everybody, I hope this will be a good Christmas. It feels o.k., you know what I’m saying, it feels better than last year, last year I was on the streets, this year I’ve got my own place, clothes. I don’t drink no more, I don’t get high no more, I feel good about myself. 2 years ago I was on the street, sleeping on cardboard Yo, on a Pier…

More to come*