Real People ~ Real Time

#1 My brother Dan = On June 30, 2015, Dan Brettler day was proclaimed by Seattle Mayor Murray for his extraordinary commitment to helping end homelessness. Check out Dan’s work to end homelessness: truly inspiring and remarkable.

#2 All the volunteers who participated in Project Hope (including me) from 10 pm to 4 am on January 22/23, 2018* This event was a yearly census The National Coalition for the Homeless create and inspire to count the homeless on one particular night in NYC. There were several sites throughout the 5 Boroughs. Teams of 4 were created amongst the volunteers at each site, routes were assigned – maps given – a bit of training and off we went. Our assignment was to elicit information and offer assistance if we came across a homeless person on our route. If the homeless person was sleeping, we were told not to wake him or her. The team I was on was assigned a route in East Harlem. We had one encounter with a homeless man who was happy to speak with us and only one other that was sleeping. The man we conversed with did not want any help which would consist of being transported to a shelter because shelters in NYC are notoriously precarious at best and you are kicked out at 6am. So we were utterly helpless, with nothing to offer but a smile, hug and kind words. Yes, he appreciated it, but obviously far from satisfactory. How do we as a society allow anyone to have to spend the night on our streets? I’ll never understand why more cannot be done*



Author: whycantu18

At 56 years old, I am an ELA teacher for the NYC Board of Education. I live to teach, learn, grow and help others. While my second grade teacher might have called me Wendy I Can't, today I live and breathe, I CAN*

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