The Power Resides in YOU*

via Daily Prompt: Miraculous

Curtis is Miraculous, he personifies the true essence of this word unless of course you believe in miracles happening all by themself. I believe we create our miracles.

I am working on feeding Curtis’s page with all his wonderous words from his own personal interview he did for us and I hope that when you get to know him you will agree with me. I have been blessed with 2 long morning walks with him this week. As soon as I get to his spot on my way to school, he now picks up and walks with me about 30 blocks. Miraculous, yes, for Curtis took miraculous steps to the path he  composed today. As Curtis will tell you himself, if he didn’t alter his journey, he would likely be gone or locked up for a very long time and then his future would be grim. What is miraculous is how this path diverged for Curtis. About a year ago, when he was still drinking and drugging and living on cardboard at a NYC Pier, he was smoking weed one day and he was so far gone that he didn’t even realize that a policeman was right in his face. What is miraculous is what this kind and generous soul did. Instead of slamming him to the ground for example or beating him up and/or locking him up, he asked Curtis if he was o.k. and suggested that he get help and he took Curtis directly to a hospital and Curtis has been clean and sober since that day. Miracles are waiting. I hope you architect your own ‘Miraculous‘ today.


Author: whycantu18

At 56 years old, I am an ELA teacher for the NYC Board of Education. I live to teach, learn, grow and help others. While my second grade teacher might have called me Wendy I Can't, today I live and breathe, I CAN*

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