Penny for Your Thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Compass

I only read two extremes on the homeless compass this morning, while riding on the subway from Grand Central to 14th Street. I’m not going to pretend that when I stepped on the train, the stench did not attempt to blow my compass right off, but having my feelings regarding homeless in check, it wasn’t possible. There was a man flat-out, taking up about 5 or 6 seats and not having any way to know how long he was there, and how long he has been out there on his own without a home, a foul-smelling odor gained a pervasive entrance into the subway car. On one side of this extreme was the notable man or woman expressing their dis-gust openly and then spending the rest of the ride covering their nose like they were going to check-out if they allowed themselves to breath. If I could read these people’s minds, I think it would be safe to assume that he or she was deeply offended by this homeless man’s presence on their train and that how he got there, what he was experiencing, what would become of him didn’t enter even the farthest corners of their sanctimonious minds. Is that too harsh? Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. Maybe they just couldn’t bear the smell. The flip side of the compass was the 2 men who sat directly across and next to this man. I wanted to applaud, rise up and shout, these are our heroes, these are our hope. The compass in constant flutter while our homeless man was consumed with covering his face with his hoodie and hat with what one could only perceive as shame and shame for what? Why are you better than him? What if it were you or your brother, son, father, grandfather, uncle, friend? Imagine if you knew his name? His story? His dreams…? Is your compass fixed or flexible? Just asking…penny for your thoughts.

Author: whycantu18

At 56 years old, I am an ELA teacher for the NYC Board of Education. I live to teach, learn, grow and help others. While my second grade teacher might have called me Wendy I Can't, today I live and breathe, I CAN*

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