I have some more photos for you. I wish I didn’t. Every day, we have another homeless person on the street.

WP_20171206_07_41_01_Pro[1]WP_20171206_07_42_32_Pro[1].jpgI’d like to talk to you about my experience this morning. The most beautiful part to share is it wasn’t ‘my’ experience alone, it was deeply shared by others. So far on my cite and blog, I’ve only been talking about homeless on the streets. Let’s think today about the homeless in our shelters as well. Allow me to introduce you to Curtis.

Curtis will be telling you all about himself soon. I’ll leave that to him. As you know, I walk a ways to teach daily. Every morning on my way, I visit with Curtis. Curtis lives in a shelter in Brooklyn. I don’t know how or why he chose the particular spot that he did to sit or stand at every morning, it works for him – for now. Remember my premise that if we get to know our homeless, we will feel driven to help. Curtis has achieved that foundation all on his own. When I stop to see how he is, almost always some one else says good morning, god bless to Curtis as well or gives him change, dollar… This morning, I think Curtis may have been kind of waiting for me. He was so cold – shivering – and lacking his usual surreal smile. We decided it would be best for him to go back to the shelter today because it is so cold and he hasn’t been feeling well lately. We began walking together, he was heading to the 59th street Subway or bus and a man stopped to see Curtis because he was so happy to see him because he had been holding onto a pack of cigarettes for him for he said: a year. Can you imagine that? What a sensational and thoughtful act of kindness. He said he had promised them to Curtis* As we were saying goodbye, a woman said: excuse me sir and gave him some money and then she turned to me and praised me for stopping to talk to him each morning and I hugged her. All I could think was the power behind each of these movements; the voice, the strength, the passion*


Author: whycantu18

At 56 years old, I am an ELA teacher for the NYC Board of Education. I live to teach, learn, grow and help others. While my second grade teacher might have called me Wendy I Can't, today I live and breathe, I CAN*

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